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Plaquex is used to treat many patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. It is not common in the United States. The process is very common in many European countries. Plaquex was originally developed to treat liver disease. It was also used to treat fatty deposits that often occur after surgery. In recent years, the therapy is combined with chelation infusion therapy. This procedure produces dramatic results by eliminating damage caused by arterial plaque. Some insist Plaquex stops the aging process; many patients look and feel younger after several sessions.

How Does Plaquex Work

Plaquex is a natural substance commonly called phosphatidylcholine. Plaquex is produced from soybeans. The substance contains the poly-saturated fatty acids and glycine. Phosphatidylcholine is a part of every human cell. The phospholipids are a watery substance between the cell membranes. This provides stability for the individual cell, and aids in the transfer of materials between the cell membrane. LDL, (the bad cholesterol), is tossed out of the cell membrane when it is damaged. Damage to the cell membrane is usually caused by free radicals, and other toxins such as heavy metals. The soybean phospholipids replenish the cell membrane. Plaquex reduces the amount of arterial plaque for many patients. Plaquex also reduces homocysteine and bad cholesterol. Plaquex increases the ability of the heart to withstand stress. The therapy assists in the transportation of cholesterol from the bloodstream to the liver. Then the excess cholesterol is excreted by the liver.

Who Benefits from Plaquex

Plaquex provides clear benefits for:

  • Patients suffering from heart conditions.
  • Patients with arteriosclerosis.
  • Patients who recently suffered a stroke.

Lipid replacement therapy is highly recommended in the treatment of arterial disease, such as arteriosclerosis. Plaquex lowers blood cholesterol, and reduces the fatty plaque that lines arterial walls. The good HDL cholesterol repairs the damage caused by the LDL cholesterol. Plaquex therapy is typically used in combination with chelation therapy. The chelation, (EDTA), therapy reverses the arterial damage caused by calcium. Plaquex reverses the arterial damage caused by the bad, (LDL), cholesterol. Everyone can benefit from the use of Plaquex. Research shows that excess deposits of LDL cholesterol can start very early in life. A patient who recently suffered a heart attack, or stroke benefits from the therapy. Patients suffering from atherosclerosis or PAD, (peripheral artery disease), also benefit from the therapy. It is always important to consult with your doctor before trying any new medical procedure.

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