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As a blend of phospholipids, Plaquex is a lipid therapy, which was created in Europe, for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of arterial fatty plaque, in the cardiovascular system. Plaquex has the capacity to lessen arterial wall plaque deposits, as well as lowering cholesterol and homocysteine. Plaquex has been shown to elevate the hearts capability to deal with stress and is essential for those individuals that have endured a heart attack or other debilitating cardiovascular event. Causing obstruction to the free flow of blood in the artery, the atherosclerotic plaque is comprised of many structural elements, but the primary elements that are critical are calcium and cholesterol.

What Plaquex Does

Plaquex is not suitable for the removal of calcium, hence, the need for EDTA chelation therapy. Plaquex is a separate, stand-alone therapy, that is critical for the removal of arterial LDL cholesterol, and can not be combined with chelation therapy, therefore each treatment is given on alternating days. The primary element of good HDL cholesterol is “Phosphatidyl Choline,” that is commonly referred to as Plaquex, as well. Plaquex changes the cholesterol framework by producing provisional HDL cholesterol, which contributes significantly in the destruction of LDL cholesterol and reduces atherogenic lipoprotein a, LP (a), levels. In instances of limited kidney function, whereas chelation therapy has limited usefulness the implementation of Plaquex has been proven to steady or balance kidney function in individuals afflicted with kidney disease.

Administration of Plaquex Therapy

Provided to patients via intravenous infusion, Plaquex treatments take anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours to complete per session. Plaquex can be administered as a standalone treatment, and has been successful in reducing blood cholesterol, enhancing the function of:

  • the kidney
  • stimulating memory
  • cognitive function

Plaquex therapy can be incorporated into an integrative, complementary chelation therapy program for treating atherosclerosis. When considering a practitioner for Plaquex therapy, it is imperative to inquire if chelation therapy is provided if it is deemed necessary, for the effective administration of Plaquex. Plaquex treatment is a viable alternative to traditional methods of treating cardiovascular issues such as angioplasty, cardiac bypass or stent insertion, which can exceed, in many instances over $30,000. Plaquex treatments span a period of nine months, and in certain instances can be administered orally.

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