Sunday, September 20, 2020

Plaquex (phosphatidylcholine) is a naturally occurring molecule consisting of two poly-unsaturated fatty acids and glycerin. Plaque is an essential component of the cell membrane. Scientific research has shown that plaquex helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in our bodies. Besides this function, plaquex plays other important roles in our bodies. It is known to reduce heart pain, lowering cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure, improve the memory function, and improve the functioning of kidneys. Initially, Lipostabil was used in place of plaquex. However, Lipostabil was in inadequate quantities, and its requirement was increasing. Doctors later developed Plaquex, a substance that reduced plaque, cholesterol, and triglyceride. Recent studies show that plaquex has been used by thousands of patients.

Plaquex therapy is a procedure aimed at increasing the hearts ability to withstand stress. The procedure involves introduction of plaquex in the body through an IV as taking it orally would have less effect. The first dosage in this therapy is 20 ml Plaquex in 250 ml D5W. In the second dosage, the volume moves to 30 ml, and to the full dose of 50 ml in 250 ml D5W in the third dose. For full recovery, an average of twenty five treatments are advised, and thereafter, an infusion of once per month. With the increasing controversy of lipid therapy, plaquex therapy has gained popularity and acceptance. The old has particularly embraced it due to its power of rejuvenating cell membranes, and slowing the process of aging. The following are the side effects of plaquex therapy:

When considering the best place to visit for the purpose of receiving a plaquex therapy, there are a few factors to consider. The first thing to look at is the qualifications of the personnel. Always ensure that the doctors involved are certified medical practitioners. The facilities and equipment used in the hospital are also a factor to consider. It is advisable to ensure that the hospital uses modern, certified equipment. The services offered should also be looked into. Apart from offering a wide range of services, hospitals that offer personalized services are preferred. This is because personalized services enable the hospital to treat each patient as a different individual. The above factors, coupled with customized treatment plans and reasonable pricing, make the best hospital to visit for a plaquex therapy.

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