Sunday, September 20, 2020

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a form of alternative medicine based on the concept of the body’s cellular activity being mediated by electrical impulses. This treatment involves running an extremely low amount of electricity through target areas of the body to promote tissue repair by enhancing cell division and growth. The timing of the results varies depending on the issue being treated. For example, a patient who breaks a bone is generally told to wait at least 8 weeks for it heal. With PEMF therapy, that time can be shortened by several days or even weeks because the activity of the cells repairing the bone is enhanced. Additionally, this treatment can be used to prevent potential illnesses and injuries by safeguarding the body against these threats. In this case, long-term treatment will yield stronger results.

PEMF As a Treatment for Depression

While PEMF is generally used in the field of orthopedics, where patients suffer bone fractures and breaks, it is also being extended into clinical psychology. Specifically, it is seen to help fight depression. Depression is caused by the shrinking of cells in a section of the brain called the hippocampus. It is treated with antidepressants or therapy like PEMF to replenish those shrunken cells. Relative to depression treatment, PEMF therapy is just one of many forms of alternative medicine gaining popularity. Other electricity-based therapies include:

The scientific community is constantly evaluating these methods in addition to others involving ingesting substances and inhaling gases. For example, milk thistle is being researched for its detoxifying properties and healing abilities. Specific milk thistle benefits include reduced vulnerability to cancer and improved liver health. Another treatment, ozone therapy, involves ingestion of ozone to increase oxygen levels in the body.

The Future of Alternative Medicine

As people continue to struggle with chronic or everyday illnesses, they are increasingly turning to alternative medicines for a solution. Not only do these methods provide a quick fix for small ailments, they offer hope in severe cases where conventional treatments have not been effective. It is not recommended to abandon conventional treatments for alternative medicine, but many people do believe that alternative therapy is helpful when used next to conventional medicine. As a result, many doctors now carry a list of licensed practitioners or experts of alternative therapy for patients who are interested in supplementary treatment.

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