Sunday, September 20, 2020

It works by directly stimulating the body through elecro-magnetic activation. Such progressive stimulations have been proven to work to heal broken bones and tissues at a faster pace than normal, as well as has been used to eliminate depression. PEMF can also be used to aid in all aspects of your body’s healing. Once the body tissues start to heal, less pain is felt and there is a sense of relief. Then the body will begin to return to a normal healthy state and heal after finishing PEMF treatment.

  • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is currently greatly enhancing the speed and efficacy of neurofeedback sessions.
  • Milk thistle extract is a proven safe focal point to any cleansing program.
  • Debunking the hydrogen peroxide therapy cure-all myth.

Using PEMF along with Neurofeedback therapy encourages otherwise erratic brainwave patterns to become more pliant, and builds activity in areas that may be deficient, leading to more progressive neurofeedback sessions. PEMF is one of the most effective advancements made in the neurotherapy field in the last fifteen years.

Taking A Closer Look

A thorough deep cleansing is highly recommended by any naturopathic practitioner before undergoing any stimulation, to directly eliminate any build-up of toxins in the body. Milk thistle benefits cell Protection, using milk thistle can enhance the binding to the outside of cells and blocking the entrance of certain toxins. Additionally, toxins that are already in liver cells are neutralized by silymarin, the compound found in milk thistle. These actions also help protect against many serious and dangerous chemicals such as alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, continued use of aceteminophen, and some commonly prescribed medication hazards.


Hydrogen peroxide has been around for 70 plus years and has often been the subject of much debate as to how effective hydrogen peroxide is as an oxygen therapy treatment. Soaking in a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide may cause excessive irritation or even damage to your mucosal membranes and has been disproven as having any therapeutic or oxygen enhancing properties. You will get no extra oxygen from soaking in this mild acid used to clean out wounds. You may suffer some hydrogen peroxide therapy side effects, however. Side effects such as, hydrogen peroxide can cause severe chemical burns in the esophagus and choking. Having any direct skin contact with hydrogen peroxide and inhaling the dangerous vapors can also be seriously harmful. Some people go so far as to get injections of hydrogen peroxide can cause oxygen bubbles that then block the flow of blood, which can lead to gangrene and even death. Before undergoing any treatments or therapies ask for the advice of your doctor or natural practitioner.

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