Sunday, September 20, 2020

PEMF is a short form that would fully mean pulsed electromagnetic fields. This is an health resolution that is often used to treat bodily pains. This is handled by physician who hold the believe that body cells are made up of magnetic fields which could be utilized to heal pains on the body of the patients. This article seeks to portray some of the methods involved in pulsed electromagnetic fields.

What are some of the methods employed in PEMF?
The following are some of the methods encompassed by this form of therapy:

Stem cell therapy

This is one form of therapy that involves the literal transfer of bone marrow to replace a sick one. It happens either from one individual to another or from some part of the body from the same individual to another. They are used to remedy health situations like leukemia. It involves stem cell knee injections. Careful transfer of cancer cells is done and it should involve professional handling lest it goes wrong.

Vitamin c therapy

Vitamin c therapy has always been the center of attention. While some physicians claim that they are used to kill cancer cells, some of them claim they do not. But whatever the case, vitamin c has always been known to improve the immune system of an individual. When the immune system is improved, it means that the patient would not develop infection on a regular basis. It means that the whole general health of an individual is boosted. However, high doses of vitamin c could pose health side effects.

Milk thistle therapy

This is form of therapy is originated form china. It is derived from the seeds of milk thistle plant and some of its parts. Health benefits of milk thistle therapy involve issues like curing of liver disorders and inflammation. It must however be noted that it could pose side effects like:

  • Allergy
  • Diabetes
  • Lowering of blood sugar


PEMF is therefore a trust worthy method of remedying health situations. It was subjected to criticism initially but after a couple successes, it has been accommodated in the health arena. However, almost each method of therapy under pemf comes with individual side effects and what is advisable is that you as an individual should seek the service of professional physicians, because some of them out there would make you believe that they offer quality service only to experiment with your health which could be dangerous.

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