Wednesday, September 23, 2020

When a person first hears about this natural therapy, their immediate reaction is “do I really need this therapy. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF is most often used to grow bone and heal fractures that are called non fusion fractures. These non-fusion fractures are fractures that cannot be perfectly aligned because of the way the break is, or because the bone splintered much like a chicken bone when it was broken. This magnetic therapy was not cleared by the FDA to be used on humans till 2004 but was used extensively to heal bones in veterinary medicine, especially to heal the legs of race horses, in the early 1980’s.

When this therapy is used to heal and grow new bones.

The patient is asked to wear a device around the fractured area. When the doctor turns on the device, magnetic pulses are pushed into the injured tissues and bones. These magnetic pulses stimulates bone and tissue repair. There are so many uses for magnetic therapy.

  • It can be used to grow bones and tissues for patients that undergo surgery where the bones needed to be broken because of the surgery.
  • It can be used to replace casts as the way to fuse bones together after fracturing the bone.
  • It is currently being used on people who are having spinal surgery.
  • It can be used to regrow tissue where gang green has set in.

Therapy is used is for those that are clinically depressed and normal medicine is not working.

When this therapy is used to treat it is called transcranial magnetic stimulation. this procedure has been approved since 2011. Many doctors stated that this was merely another form of shock therapy, but on the contrary, it sends a very weak magnetic pulse into the brain and because of the way it is used. Unlike electromagnetic shock, the pulse can be projected on a specific part of the brain rather than shocking the entire system. It has been seen that after this therapy many bipolar patients claimed their moods had changed for the better. The pulse is consistent and mimics what the antidepressant medicines are supposed to do. the patients felt less depressed after only two alternative treatments. So in the end, if you are needing to grow bone or tissue or are clinically depressed; yes, you do need to undergo this procedure.

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