Tuesday, September 29, 2020

All organisms contain some type of electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy is generated by electrical activity that takes place on the cellular level. The electromagnetic fields also control the chemical reactions that take place within the whole entire system of an organism. If anything disrupts that electrical activity it could cause an animal or person to become ill or to quite possibly contract a disease. People can also use this device when they undergo stem cells for knees. Electromagnetic fields can also be adjusted to improve a person’s condition as well. If a person’s electromagnetic energy is completely thrown off they will probably die from the ordeal.

How PEMF Devices Help the Body

When a person’s electromagnetic energy is thrown off they could possibly correct this problem with the use of a PEMF device. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and it is a device that is designed to balance a person’s electromagnetic fields and energy when it becomes unbalanced. The machine uses frequencies to correct a person’s electromagnetic fields when they are thrown off. While PEMF’s are great devices that are capable of repairing damaged electromagnetic energy they should be used with some caution. The following pros and cons of PEMF will be explained below.

Pros of PEMF Machines

PEMF devices are great for:

  • Balancing the electromagnetic fields within cells and the overall electricity production within a person’s body.
  • PEMF can be used right after taking other types of medical applications such as high dose of vitamin c therapy.
  • PEMF applications have been proven to effectively get rid of some diseases.
  • Regular PEMF applications actually helps a person to stay healthy and free from various illnesses and side effects from disease.

Cons of PEMF Devices

PEMF machines are not cheap. These machines cost thousands of dollars. If a person does not know how to use them they will have to pay money to hire a trained professional to administer treatments. They will also have to pay out money for machine calibration.

Many people complain the PEMF machines are time consuming to use. While it takes only a few minutes to apply an application; most people feel like this is too long. The average person with a PEMF machine is usually required to take treatments at least twice day for them to be effective. Once again, many people find this too long.

Many people do not like being tied to PEMF devices or the number times that they need to take the applications. Since this is the case, many people stop using the machine for a while and when they do; they often complain about returning symptoms. The key to avoiding this problem with PEMF is for people to continue on with their applications despite their feelings. This is also true for people who use IV glutathione therapy.

People who have seizures, who are epileptic or that has a pacemaker should not use PEMF devices. All people should consult their doctors or a knowledgeable medical professional before attempting to use this device.

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