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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a therapy that directly stimulates the body through electromagnetic activation. This kind of stimulation assists in the healing of torn tissue and broken bones – in an extremely fast way. As a side note, this stimulation when used on the cranium, can eliminate depression. Constant stimulation pings your brain to send help, thus blood flow increases and the healing process is accelerated. Neurofeedback OCD can be treated by using neurofeedback therapy alongside PEMF therapy. The combination of the two therapies encourages erratic brainwaves to calm down. PEMF Therapy can be combined with many other therapies, such as intravenous ozone therapy, to offer a wide range of benefits and remedies.

Under the Scope

Therapies are more beneficial if a patient has had a deep cleansing before, and continues his deep cleansing after the therapy. Meditation is good cleansing for the spirit and the mind. Some patients choose to fast to cleanse the body, or detox and flush their system with water. This is good to do before and after any therapy. Milk thistle is a good way to cleanse herbally. The benefits of Milk Thistle are abundant, as it’s the only herbal remedy with no pharmaceutical equivalent. One major benefit is its ability to negate any toxins in the liver. It works to deeply cleanse the liver. Therapies, especially massages, can dislodge toxins and toxic energy that was otherwise taking cover inside our bodies.

Therapies to Do For a Full Mind, Body, And Spirit Cleanse – In Order:

  • Guided meditation (Spirit healing) – to cleanse your spirit.
  • Hydration Therapy – an IV to help fully rehydrate the body to make the next step easier.
  • Massage therapy – to help dislodge any toxins that lay dormant in the muscles.
  • Acupuncture – to unblock energy passages.

Follow Up

Following these therapies, consider cleansing with a detox, drinking plenty of water, and try a few herbal remedies for healing from the inside out. Water is the ultimate fuel for the body. Even if you have received all of these therapies, every person must be vigilant in maintaining their own health. Don’t eat food that is unhealthy. Don’t like veggies? Try Indian food! They do vegetarian right! Drink more water, get regular exercise, and focus on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Talk to your doctor before partaking in a new therapy, to see if that therapy is right for you. Consult your local specialist or medical center if you have any questions on which therapies are right for which conditions.

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