Sunday, September 27, 2020

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF is designed to heal a person’s body through the use of an electromagnetic field to improve the metabolic rate of a cell. This type of therapy is considered a part of conventional medicine but many researchers and medical professionals question the practically of its use. However, medical professionals in certain professions prescribe the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for many of their patients. PEFM treatments are given to people for a variety of different reasons. These types of therapies are used for treating non-union fractures, failed fusions and congenital pseudarthrosis. This treatment is sometimes used on patients who might have to lose a limb due to amputation. PEMF therapy is also used to treat conditions such as depression. This form of therapy is also used for dissolve kidney stones, to improve circulation, stem cell injection therapy and and it helps to destroy free radicals.

How does PEMF Work?

PEMF works by sending out electromagnetic pulses into the human body. Since the human body uses electrical activity at the cellular level to function; PEMF therapy helps to stimulate this process. All of the processes that take place within the human body generates electricity. When a part of the body does not generate electricity at the cellular it is usually the result of some type of malfunction within the cells. A person’s body is not responding in the right way when electrical currents cannot be produced. If too many systems or cells within a person is not producing electricity; it will cause that individual to die. PEMF helps to keep the electricity flowing within a person’s body. In a sense PEMF recharges the cells within a body causing them to rejuvenate. This helps to stimulate the cells to perform actions such as fighting against disease and repairing damaged tissue. PEMF therapy also:

  • Provides energy to cells.
  • Increase Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP) levels.
  • Restores and realigns cells so that they will operate at their full capacity.
  • PEMF can also be used with high dose vitamin C IVs and a glutathione IV.

PEMF Medical and Commercial Devices

There are two types of PEMF devices that are used for therapy applications. One type is called static therapy and the other is known as pulsed therapy. Static therapy uses magnets which are strategically placed onto the body. The magnets are then left onto a person’s body to produce a desired effect. The negative pole of the magnetic is isolated on most magnets because it provides the best benefit for treatment. Pulsed PEMF devices sends a pulse of electrical energy into a person’s body. The pulse is generated by an electrical current and is sent into a person’s system to help heal their cells. Most medical and commercial PEMF devices are pulse based. The medical PEMF devices are approved by the FDA for use in that field and they are proven to work in most instances. Commercial PEMF devices cannot make the same claim. They have to explain to the consumer that the device is not always guaranteed to provide the relief that they are expecting.

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