Sunday, September 27, 2020

When it comes to alternative medical treatments, the list continues to grow. Many of the choices are in liquid and tablet form. The advancement of brand new and innovative technological ideas brought the pulsed electromagnetic field with it and a new option for dealing with some curative issues. Known as PEMF by the medical professionals who use it, the technology is geared to replace or add to the list of medical treatment possibilities. PEMF is well known due to its success rate for the treatment of orthopedic issues. Many patients in North America were forced to consider other options for their health problems since the USA was not ready to come on board. In 1979, the FDA finally approved PEMF as a non-invasive form of treatment.

Changing Course

It was clear that PEMF was here to stay as a treatment, however, it did not become completely obvious how much until it could be tested. What began in the late seventies as baby steps would eventually turn into an opportunity to be used in surgical patients. The course for choosing PEMF therapy as an option continues to be a popular one. With the new options for therapy turning into a preferred one, it stands to reason that the device would begin to reduce in size. Those adjustments to the devices being used could probably be the reason why surgical advancements are being made.

The Possibilities

● PEMF is used to regenerate and enhance nerves.

● It is used in some cancer treatment therapy to help reduce tumor.

● Patients with venous leg ulcers have also taken advantage of this kind of Therapy.

● Some doctors have used PEMF to help with bone repair.

The Basics

When your health care physician suggests that PEMF treatment is the best option for your ailment you might end up with a confused look on your face. It is important to remember that this is an alternative option that has proven to be safe. Treatment times may vary based on the patient’s needs but are usually completed after fifteen minutes. Some treatment plans where PEMF is used are intended to help the patient with pain. The good news is that PEMF as pain management option will bring additional possibilities to the user. It is possible that PEMF may provide relief in areas like depression, insomnia and anxiety; however, more tests will need to be carried out in those areas. The list of potential uses for treatment through PEMF continues to grow, and it brings hope with it.

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