Tuesday, September 22, 2020

PEMF is a natural based therapy used often in our modern world. Often PEMF is used as a therapy to help the body grow a bone as well as restore a fractured bone to health. The type of fracture that PEMF would be able to heal would be a fracture that is unable to align in the body because of the location of breakage. In 2004 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy was approved by the FDA and then able to be used on the human population. Before that this type of therapy was primarily used as a therapeutic healing for veterinary medicine. PEMF was also used for the healing of legs for horses that raced.

Therapeutic Healing

Therapeutic healing has become a major resource for our modern world today. For example neurofeedback therapy for adhd is aimed to decrease impulsive behavior and increase ones attention. This type of therapy helps an individual to be able to control impulses significantly. As a result ones attention is able to be focused on a regular basis. There is also lipid replacement therapy in our modern world today. This type of therapy helps to heal the membranes in the mitochondrial area that have been damaged. It can also help an individual to recover lost energy and to increase levels of energy. There are also several benefits that PEMF can provide when used as a therapeutic resource for the human body.

  • Helps to grow tissues and bones
  • Helps bones come together after being fractured
  • Can contribute to healing during surgery of the spinal area

Harmful Effects

Even with beneficial outcomes occurring when using the types of therapeutic resources mentioned above it is important to be aware that other side effects can occur as well. For example ozone side effects that are not as desirable for an individual to experience can be any of the following cough, irritation in the throat, burning or feeling a level of discomfort in the chest, wheezing, and having shortness of breathing. It is always important to take harmful effects seriously and to talk to your doctor. PEMF harmful side effects may include dizziness, increase in urinating, discomfort, decrease of energy, and etc. Overall, therapeutic means of therapy is widely used by many in order to repair the human body.

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