Friday, September 25, 2020

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is an alternative, complementary therapy that aids in the re-balancing of healthy and dysfunctional cells. To ward off the process of premature aging, the implementation of PEMF can assist in keeping cells healthy and functional. Should imperceptible cell not be addressed in a timely manner, the potential for the onset of disease can occur. Utilizing PEMF is a simple application, that employs pulsed electromagnetic fields, which can maintain or readjust the cellular balance. PEMF is extensively employed in the treatment of;

  • depression
  • non-union fractures
  • congenital pseudarthrosis
  • positive mood enhancement

The Development of PEMF

Even though there was widespread use of PEMF on individuals, in Europe, in the early 1970’s, the use of PEMF was restrict to use on animals only, in North America, for healing bone fractures in horses. Eventual experimentation of PEMF on athletes, in all forms of sports, lead to the legalization of devices to administer the magnetic wave therapy, under strict application guidelines from a medical practitioner. PEMF is a viable alternative to prescribed, pharmaceutical drugs, for the treatment of depression, and cognitive dysfunction. The environment is abundant with energy, that is electromagnetic and is channeled throughout, with changing frequencies. The human body produces its own, unique bio-magnetic field, and the cellular framework contained within, enables cells to communicate amongst each other, by means of electromagnetic frequencies. The functional operation of the human body is contingent on the electromagnetic exchange within the cellular framework.

PEMF Healing Applications

PEMF therapy has been acknowledged to reduce pain, and eradicate inflammation, while elevating one’s energy, and stimulating the cardiovascular system, and provides for the oxygenation of blood and tissue. As well, it can assist in managing cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, facilitate nutrient absorption, and clean cells. PEMF has been successfully employed since the late 1970’s when it was approved, as a non-invasive device, by the United States Food and Drug Administration, for stimulating bone growth. The US FDA would approve the therapy for cervical fusion applications. The most common administration of PEMF is made with pillows, and mats, that have metals coils woven within. The coils are are magnetized, and when in contact with the body, transmits and an electromagnetic field, which enables healing, and rejuvenation.

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