Thursday, September 24, 2020

Chinese Medicine is the belief that the body consists of pathways called meridians. If the pathways get blocked, then illness happens. Doctors have practiced this type of medicine for years, and Chinese Medicine Miami continues to carry on this tradition.

The beliefs are that the qi is blocked by forces such as the wind or cold and heat. These are considered external forces. The internal forces are the emotions of anger or fear; they also believe that even joy can block the qi creating illness.


Many people have found that lymphatic drainage massage Miami is the perfect place to receive this gentle, noninvasive massage. The LDT helps to ease the following conditions:

1. Problems related to pregnancy.
2. Plugged Ducts.
3. Wounds
4. Fissures
5. Bruises
6. Dermatitis

It can also give relief to chronic inflammation. The massage can also help with scars and traumas to the skin. The therapist has to have knowledge of anatomy along with the hand techniques being used to provide the correct rhythm and direction of the lymph flow. The lymphatic network in the body is amenable to the touch of the hand light and massaging.


Most people are more familiar with acupuncture than any other Chinese treatments. Acupuncture in Miami offers this treatment by well-trained acupuncturists. Acupuncture is considered to an essential in Chinese medicine. There are fourteen major points along the pathways in the body where the needles are placed. There are over five hundred acupoints. The person providing the acupuncture has to be well trained in the placement of these very thin needles.

While all of the above are part of the PEMF or pulsed magnetic therapy fits right in the category of the above treatments. It is used more in the orthopedic field than any other. It has been found to help treat bone fractures and failed fusions. It also helps treat Lyme disease as well as fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases.

While this treatment works very well, there are some reasons not to get the therapy. The number one reason why people do not get this therapy is the cost. It can cost over a thousand dollars for only one treatment. Finding the time to do the treatments yet it is only in America that this problem persists. The last reason is that when a person stops taking the treatment, the problem comes back. The great thing is that there are no negative consequences.

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