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To make things a bit clear, we should first of all have in mind the notion behind PEMF. PEMF is an acronym that stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, and this is a remedy to a health condition that is characterized by painful feelings all over the body, bodily inflammation and platelet adhesion. It has been adopted by most of the therapists in town, and they seek to offer the best quality of therapy to its patients. This article seeks to take you through some of the ways in which PEMF Treatment works and what they are used to cure.

How does PEMF work?

Many people would inquire how this method works because it has been stereotyped to be such a complicated procedure and one that is very less likely to deal with the problems of the patients. That is absolutely an obnoxious statement in the fact that PEMF is such an easy method to employ and the number of times it has been in the field has proven its successful workability. This method bases in the fact that life is based on energy and all energy are electromagnetic in nature. It is bases its functioning on the fact that all cells in the body produce electromagnetic fields, and it is scientifically believed that these cells communicate through the electromagnetic exchange. Believers of this philosophy believe that without this magnetic fields, life ceases. This method has therefore been used to deal with issues like fusing of broken bones and handling issues to do with swelling of is also used to handle depressions that come out of stress and anxiety.

Methods employed in PEMF Treatment

The following are some of the methods used during this type of therapy:

Stem cell therapy

This method employs the use of stem cell to treat or prevent a health condition. It is usually the transplant of bone marrows form one individual to another to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases. However, there are side effects of stem cell therapy that includes lowness of white blood cells a factor that predisposes one to infections.

Vitamin c injection

This is done through ascorbic acid injection a therapy that seeks to repair worn-out tissues in the body. Like the former therapy However, this comes with its own effects. High dose vitamin c side effects includes felling of dizziness and diarrhea and requires immediate medication. In conclusion, Ozone therapy employs the use of ozone gas to treat certain medical conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. Ozone side effects include blood clotting in the lungs which could be fatal.

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