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When a person becomes ill, the Chinese say the body in not in harmony and out of balance. Chinese medicine displays a proven record of accomplishing ultimate health and wellness naturally, through acupuncture, diet, natural herbs, massage therapy, and therapeutic exercise programs. Chinese medicine combines medical knowledge of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It is the Taoist philosophy forming five ideals that make up the basis of this extraordinary practice of natural medicine.

  • The human body is governed by natural laws
  • People must remain in harmony and be well-organized to remain in balance with the universe
  • Chinese say stagnation takes place within the body. Westerns say he or she is ill.
  • All living things on earth are connected and dependent upon one another
  • The environment we live in is connected and affected by all human beings

It is a Fact

The Chinese believe (1) a healthy body is based upon a healthy diet of herbs and plants, physical exercise, breathing exercises, and ancient herbal medicine. The Chinese (2) believe in the principles of a body in balance described as Yin and Yang. (3) It is a fact that water, metal, earth, wood and fire are elements representing the human body. (4) It is a fact that Chinese medicine does not believe in dissection of the human body. (5) It is a fact that Chinese medicine is far more superior.(6) Chinese medicine treats the whole body.(7) Chinese medicine treats the root of the problem and do not cover the problem.(8) Chinese medicine does not rely on Western medicine to treat any problem that causes side effects. (9) Energy pathways are all through the human body and must remain open. (10) It is a fact that Chinese medicine is quickly gaining popularity in the Western world.

Natural Chinese Medicine Proves Superior

Some natural remedies common to Chinese medicine are Gerovital or GH3 and Milk Thistle. Chinese medicine utilizes superior tonics and therapeutic agents found only in natural plant life to help build health and vitality in the human body and combat illness. The Chinese consider Western medications and treatments to be radical, harsh and toxic to the human body, unlike herbal medicine. Natural substances found in the human body are the only substances considered those with natural healing properties such as Procaine Hydrochloride or the GH3 supplement, which proves to protect people and prevents them from contacting illnesses circulating in the public domain. Another prime example of a natural ingredient helpful to the human body is thistle milk, a natural herb known to heal the liver and problems related to liver disease. This herb is a natural anti-inflammatory and a great antioxidant, proven to be effective in many health conditions, especially the liver and pancreas.

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