Monday, September 28, 2020

Ozone therapy is a form of integrative medicine. It is used to foster an increase in the body oxygen levels. The ozone therapy is a process in which blood is drawn from a patient’s body and exposed to ozone. Later, the ozone filled blood is re-injected back into the patient’s body. The therapy has been known to boost the body immunity as well as lead to accelerated healing of infections. Also, it helps in detoxification. Some of the conditions and illnesses that ozone therapy has been successful in treating include chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic bladder conditions.

Other Integrative Therapies

Modern day medicine is trying to incorporate alternative and holistic therapies into its treatments. Some of the therapies that have been integrated into western medicine include ;

  • Hydrogen peroxide therapy – Hydrogen peroxide therapy is also used to increase the body oxygen levels. Here hydrogen peroxide is intravenous injected into the veins. When it comes into contact with the enzyme catalase, it breaks it into oxygen and water. This therapy is mostly used for detoxification and treating infections. However, the hydrogen peroxide iv therapy side effects cannot be ignored. The most common are hemorrhage and air embolism.
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture is also one of the most common integrative treatments. It involves the insertion of very fine needles into the body acupuncture points. This is with the aim of restoring balance in energy flow. You can access this therapy at the miami acupuncture center.
  • Gerovital injections – Gerovital H3 can be administered in many ways depending on the goal. The gerovital h3 injections are administered on prescription by a medical practitioner to act as a local anesthesia.


For every condition, disorder or illness that you may be having, there most certainly is a therapy suitable for you. Try gathering information about a therapy that your eyes are set on before undergoing it. You will find out if you are suitable for the therapy and whether its side effects outweigh its benefits. Also, you should be able to gather information on the cost of these therapies. Some of them are very costly in times of time and money as they require you to attend many sessions for maximum benefits. Another important thing is to consult with a physician before deciding on these therapies. Do not make this decision alone, let someone help you handle the technical part.

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