Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Have you ever think how beneficial is it to have ozone therapy regularly? As in the case of other treatments like iv rehydration and nutrition therapy, getting ozone injection improves one health at a great extent. Ozone injection adds oxygen in the cells. For maximum utilization, ozone is put in some gases prior to injection. There are various safe methods of administering ozone like intramuscular, rectum, subcutaneously, vagina and intravenously. Just like benefits of lymphatic drainage, ozone benefits are uncountable, and that’s why various practitioners recommended this therapy for treatment of a number of health conditions. Unlike other therapies, ozone injection has less or totally no side effects when performed by the right person. You should consider going for a qualified practitioner who is well equipped with modern equipments.


Ozone therapy has been successfully used by various practitioners across the world to treat various cancers. It has been scientifically proven by various research at major holistic centers that cancer causing organism do not thrive in oxygen concentrated area. Also, this was well proven by a well-known Nobel Prize winner by the name Dr. Otto Warburg. Dr. Otto and his team spend more of their time studying and researching on what cause various cancers. Among other cause of cancer, they found that low oxygen is the main one. It is hard to hear cases of cancer on people who live in more oxygen concentrated areas.
Other benefits of ozone:
• It is used in prevention and treatment of heart attack
• It improves human immune system
• It enhance blood circulation


Other than exercises, ozone works better to ensure longevity. Various medical like Dr. Jensen have taken more of their times studying old people and the factors that had led to their longevity. They found that oxygen is the main contributor of their longevity. This is proven by the fact that fresh air and sunshine are used to treat naturopathic condition. There are high concentration of fresh air and sunshine in ozone. People living in places with high amount of ozone like in Hunza at Himalayans live for 100 hundred and above years. In Hunza, a person of 90 and above years can do exercise with young men for more than 5 hour without getting tired. Make an appointment of getting ozone injection regularly for your health benefits.

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