Sunday, September 20, 2020

The air we breathe is mostly nitrogen with a heavy dose of oxygen. When we breathe we get the exact amount of oxygen that we need. However, it has been theorized since the 1800’s that if we breathed pure oxygen it would benefit us. This idea has created fads such as oxygen bars and oxygen tents where you can get your fill of pure oxygen to even oxygen pills. When you look at oxygen at the molecular level, it is an element with one oxygen. If we pushed together more than one oxygen molecule we could introduce more oxygen into the system. If three oxygen molecules are fused together we would get Ozone, a product which, when ingested at high quantities, harms tissues and causes cell death.

Diseases are cured with Ozone

Today, medical ozone therapy is said to help multiple diseases and sickness. It has been proven in multiple laboratory experiments that most diseases can not live in an oxygen rich environment. Therefore if a person under goes ozone injection therapy, they will be cured of the disease. A small list of diseases that are supposedly able to be cured with Ozone therapy are:

  • Cancer which dies in a pure oxygen environment
  • Aids which freezes in a pure oxygen environment
  • Heart Disease which repairs itself in a pure oxygen environment
  • Multiple sclerosis which reverses in a pure oxygen environment

There is a catch to this wonder drug

Large quantities of Ozone causes a lot of problems very similar to radiation poison. In fact, back in the early 50’s and 60’s the men who ran the old movie projectors came down with what is called projectionist lung. The lamps that were in old projectors burned pure ozone. After inhaling this for many years, the ozone ate the small alveoli and caused complete lung failure. The ozone believers, which the FDA is not one of them, believe that how you put it into your body is the most important part of the therapy. The most common way of inserting ozone into your body is to withdraw your blood and mix it with ozone. Once the concoction is complete, you inject your own oxygen rich blood back into your vein. Whether this works or doesn’t work changes based on who you ask.

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