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Ozone therapy is a form of oxidation treatment where ozone is intravenously administered to the body to act as a catalyst and increase the amount of oxygen in the body. Thereby, it acts as an antioxidant. The use of ozone therapy dates back to 20th century. The intravenous administration of ozone was first experimented and credited by Dr. Wolff in the 1940s. Thereafter the therapy gained popularity and is used by many physicians over the world up to date. However, it should be noted that the use of ozone in the medical field did not start in the 1900s. Ozone had been discovered to be medically beneficial in the 1800s. In this early years, it was only used in the disinfection of surgical material. However, its use advanced and by the end of the century, ozone was used in the treatment of water.

Other Therapies

Ozone therapy has many benefits. And, there are many more therapies that could benefit you in the same way or differently. Some of the most used therapies today are;
• Glutathione therapy
During the glutathione therapy, glutathione is administered to the body intravenously. Glutathione iv is known for its efficiency in the treatment of male infertility issues. It is also widely used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapies.

• Vitamin therapy
Vitamin therapies are also widely used by physicians all over the world today. An example of this is high dose vitamin. This therapy is very beneficial but it also has some side effect. Some of the high dose vitamin c side effects include blood clotting and kidney stones.

• Platelet rich plasma therapy
Another common therapy in integrative medicine today is the prp therapy. As the name states, prp injections are shot to an injured tissue.


It is agreeable that these therapies are very beneficial. This is regardless of whether they are used as stand-alone or to support other treatments. However, just like any other treatment, before diving into any of them, you need to gather adequate information about them. After that, you should weigh their benefits and weigh if they are worth the shot. If that is the case, first consult with your doctor to ensure that you do not have a condition or disorder that may make the therapy have some adverse effects on you. Also, for the best ensure that the practitioner for the chosen therapy is qualified.

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