Friday, September 25, 2020

Ozone therapy is an alternative medicine treatment which increases the amount of oxygen that flows through the body through the introduction of ozone. Usually medical grade ozone is used in an attempt to create a positive reaction. Ozone therapy essentially tries to remove any toxins or foreign agents from the body so healing can begin to take place. The ozone actually stimulates the body in an attempt to produce a healing reaction.

Other Alternative Therapies

IV glutathione side effects may include nausea and asthma attacks. Glutathione therapy can also help heart disease, liver disease and certain forms of glacoma. This kind of therapy is normally used as an alternative form of treatment.

Platelet rich plasma can be quite helpful for anyone suffering from a low or depleted platelet count. Serious illness may cause platelet count to fall which will make the person feel weak and tired. Low platelet levels can be quite dangerous of not treated.

Chelation therapy is a form of treatment which an attempt is made to remove heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals can build throughout the blood stream making a person seriously ill. Heavy metals can have toxic effects on the human body.

Chelation therapy side effects can include:

  • Fever.
  • Burning Sensation in Extremities.
  • Nausea.
  • Restlessness.
  • Fever, chills.

Proof Vs Trail and Error/ Ozone Therapy

The American Cancer Society has stated that there is not enough evidence to support that ozone therapy has any lasting benefit. Ozone therapy has beenn used in an attempt to treat diabetes, hypertension as well as other conditions. Athletes have tried ozone therapy in an attempt to increase strength and performance. In addition, ozone therapy has also been tried by some dentists but it was foud to have very limited use within the field of dentistry.

It appears that ozone therapy was more commonly used within foreign countries. Ozone therapy is an unapproved form of therapy and caution should be exercised when considering any form of ozone therapy or treatment. Some people have claimed that they did receive some relief from their ailments after ozone therapy. However, to date no concrete evidence exists that therapy of this nature is effective for long or short term.

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