Thursday, October 29, 2020

Besides other therapies like gerovital injection offered at various medical centers, ozone therapy is the best with less or no any side effects if carried out by the right person to the right person. It is amazing what ozone injection can do to improve your health condition. Ozone therapy is mainly concern with boosting the body with the required amount of oxygen. For ozone to be effective, it is always mixed with other gases before it is injected into the body. It works well despite the method used in its administration. Some methods are via the rectum, intramuscular, vagina, intravenously and subcutaneously. Although various medical practitioners have been using milk thistle therapy and hydrogen peroxide therapy to treat cancer, it is advisable to use ozone therapy because milk thistle seed and hydrogen peroxide therapy benefits cannot exceeds those of ozone therapy.


According to various studies and researches at Miami holistic center, the main cause of various cancers is inadequacy oxygen. This was well proven by a Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg and his team who take a lot of their time researching on the causes of cancers. In their findings, they concluded that cancer causing organism cannot thrive in oxygen area. According to various records at different medical centers especially at Miami, many nurses and practitioners have indeed used ozone therapy to treat and to prevent various cancers.
Other applications of ozone injection
• It is used in treatment and prevention of heart attack
• Ozone therapy improves and enhances blood circulation especially on obese people.
• It also helps to improve the human immune system into a great extent.


It is amazing how longevity highly depends on ozone. Dr, Jensen and his team takes a lot of time to study old people where they come up with a conclusion that oxygen is the key to longevity. This is also proven by the fact that naturopathic condition is treated by sunshine and fresh air. In ozone, there is a lot of fresh air and sunshine. At Hunza country in a place known as Himalayans, there is a lot of ozone that makes people to live longer. Unlike other places, people living in this region remain healthier up-to their hundreds years. People living in the areas are safe and free from health conditions like cancer, heart disease and arthritis due to enough ozone.

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