Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Dayton Medical Center is an alternative medical clinic in Miami, Florida. Alternative medicine doctors utilize osteopathic and alternative medicine for treatment at the Miami medical clinic. At the medical wellness center Miami residents will find both traditional and non-traditional treatment options for many ailments. The doctors on staff use a whole body approach to treatment. The clinic provides a host of therapies including alternative, conventional, integrative, homeopathic and holistic to name a few. Osteopathic medicine is not a new concept; however, only about 11 percent of licensed practitioners practice osteopathic medicine.

Osteopathic medicine is a medical field that focuses on the whole person. Andrew Taylor Still, MD, OD, founded the practice over 130 years ago after all three of his children passed away due to illness. He wanted to find a different approach to treating ailments. He developed osteopathic medicine in an effort to take a non-traditional approach to medical conditions. An Alternative medicine doctor will treat all parts of the body from bones and organs to muscles and nerves. They believe in the body’s ability to heal itself by utilizing the right treatment options. The practice takes into account mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health when treating illness. By looking at all aspects of health, osteopathic doctors can treat the whole body not just the symptoms. Osteopathic doctors receive licensing and training to practice the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all areas of medicine and surgery. They can also prescribe medication.

Osteopathic Physicians practice medicine with the same technology as other medical doctors. They combine that knowledge with other proven techniques. They diagnosis illness, and they use prescription drugs and even surgery to treat it. Osteopathic doctors may also discuss nutrition, acupuncture or other therapies with the patient. Osteopathic doctors differ by using osteopathic manipulative medicine. The technique uses hands to manipulate muscles and joints to help diagnosis and treat illnesses. People suffering from migraine, menstrual pain, sinus pressure and asthma can benefit from this technique.

Over the past several decades, the osteopathic field has grown tremendously. In an effort to keep up with the changing practices in medicine, new therapies and technology are available. New ideas help doctors approach ailments from different aspects. They not only treat the illness, but they also diagnosis and treat the cause. Many patients choose to have integrative therapy that combines the traditional and alternative views. By choosing integrative therapies, patients not only address and treat the symptoms, they learn how to strengthen or change the immune system to help combat the ailment. Conventional therapy simply treats the symptom without addressing the underlying cause. The medical industry and hospitals use conventional therapy most of the time. Osteopathic doctors have the option to combine therapies.

Osteopathic doctors can work with a team of other health professionals to ensure the patient has complete diagnosis and treatment. Many time osteopathic doctors use nutritionists, chiropractors, dietitian and acupuncturists to provide a well-rounded treatment plan. The doctors and professionals at Miami medical clinic have decades of conventional and alternative medical experience. They combine all aspects of the field to provide the best service for their patients.

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