Wednesday, September 30, 2020

NeuroIntegration Therapy is a specific variety of biofeedback treatment used for certain afflictions and disorders. Most of the bodies senses are focused outward. Touch, taste, sight, sound, all help us to interpret the world around us. However, this means that our bodies posses limited ability to sense information originating from the bodies interior. This means that it is difficult to sense, detect and control internal body functions. However, it is possible to use technology to monitor and observe the bodies biological processes. Bio feedback is the process of amplifying these internal signals and directing them toward the brain, the subject can develop greater control over their own health and bodily functions.


NeuroIntegration Therapy does this with a persons own brain functions. It is being used to treat illness that are believed to be due to brain disregulation. Through NeuroIntegration Therapy, patients are trained in the important skill of self-regulation, gaining greater control of their own body and mental functions in an effort to promote wellness.

Neuro Integration Therapy is helpful in treating a variety of disorders, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Memory Loss


NeuroIntegration Therapy sessions often take place three or more times a week and may take at least twenty sessions to show positive results. It involves training senses not used regularly so it may take time to get used to. However the process can yield very positive results. NeuroIntegration Therapy re‐trains dysfunctional brainwave patterns, helping the brain to compensate on it’s own for naturally occurring disruptions. This trains the brain to correct dysfunctions on it’s own rather than trying to treat it with a bombardment of chemical substitutes.

NeuroIntegration Therapy creates a system which functions very much like a mirror. As you would watch your face to see which muscles move when you smile, the treatment uses an LCD screen to show you how certain actions and thoughts affect your internal brain chemistry. This visualization helps conceptualize the struggles with mental illness, helping keep the patient motivated and informed about their own progress. The use of external stimuli sets up a reward system for the brain that helps incentivize healthy brain activity. These stimuli often take the form of music or visual cues.

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