Sunday, September 27, 2020

Neurofeedback is a process that measures and monitors brain activity, mostly to note the change in behaviors or certain conditions. The therapy is actually painless, and involves attaching electrodes to the scalp, skin, or hand, to further observe the brain’s activity on a computer monitor. The whole purpose of this, is to teach the patient the way their brain reacts to negative or painful stimulation. This makes it possible to retrain the brain and change its reaction into a more positive response. Eventually, when pain occurs in the body, the patient will have the ability to redirect the brain’s signals of pain into a positive response.

Why it Matters

Neurofeedback, also called biofeedback,  is especially beneficial to patients suffering from chronic illnesses that can cause a lot of pain. Curbing the pain into a positive thought, can lead to confidence in healing, which can lead to a faster healing process. When this therapy is combined with hydration therapy IV or PEMF treatment, the results of the healing process can be doubled. IV Vitamin therapy is another good therapy to pair with neurofeedback therapy. Conventional western medicine miami just doesn’t treat patients in a way that most benefits the patient’s health and well being. Alternative treatments focus on healing the core problem and the mind, body, and soul.

Alternative treatments and their focus:

  • Yoga: Focuses on the mind, body, and soul
  • Acupuncture: Relaxes the body and mind, clearing energy of the soul
  • Native American Herbal Medicine: Can focus either on the mind or body, but always connects the spirit.

Neurofeedback Results

When neurofeedback is used to control levels of pain, patients begin to experience a heightened sense of confidence, thus improving their chances of a quick recovery. In many cases of recovery, healing can be mind over matter. If you’ve heard anything about willpower, and believing in yourself, it’s all true. We are our greatest enemy because we are our greatest setback. With therapy, it can be easy for a patient to learn to believe in their healing process, but it can be even easier for those who learn to control their brain patterns. Can you imagine if cancer patients could curb their pain when they begin to feel it? Can you imagine if people suffering from autoimmune diseases could do the same? The potential to control pain and when you feel it, is colossal. It gives us the power to control our own recovery.

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