Saturday, September 26, 2020

Mental disorders are some of the most difficult ailments physicians have to treat due to their vast array of symptoms, complications and most of the time unknown causes. A large number of the mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD/autism, insomnia, memory loss, migraines, tremors, obsessive compulsive disorder and many others are treated with chemical products, which are prescribed to patients. Sometimes either the dosages or the particular medications do not work and need to be replaced and most of the time they do have side effects and the patients become addicted.

Numerous studies and experiments have been conducted over the years in order to find methods of treatment for certain mental problems without the help of chemicals. One of these methods which proved to be a success is:

Neurointegration therapy

This alternative treatment analyzes and treats the patient brain functions by observing the actual, abnormal brain function while exhibiting the disease symptoms and guiding the brain to an improved, normal function.

Neurofeedback anxiety is observed through electrical signals the brain transmits, and the positive activity of the brain is enhanced while the observed negative activity is diminished.
Certain patterns of our brain operation become in time set in certain ways, not providing the optimum capability our brain could function at. It is the neurointegration therapy which can re-train the brain and establish once more the best operating function at which our brains and human bodies can exist.

How does it work

Depending on the patient condition, the treatment will start with a few sessions of 1/2 hour for example, where the patient will be sitting in a chair with a number of sensors attached to the skull while watching a movie or listening to music in the doctor’s office. There will be no external electrical input, only the electrical signals emitted by the patient’s brain as a neurofeedback and anxiety to the subject watched will be observed and improved upon, in order to optimize the brain activity.

Without any negative side effects, after several sessions the patient will observe as a minimum an improvement to:

  • concentration
  • energy level
  • motor skills
  • emotional well being
  • sleep

Participating for 2-3 times a week for a number of months will insure a complete reversal of the mental issue the patient had and will re-train the patient’s brain to operate at its optimal level.

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