Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Considering the many different ailments that there are in the world for patients to be stricken with, it is a great thing that there are doctors out there to care for their well-being. However, what happens when a patient does not respond to medications and routine protocols? That is where holistic treatments and Miami alternative medicine comes in. The Miami doctors at the Dayton Medical Center have found a way to treat patients that either don’t respond or don’t approve of taking medications, or would rather have a more natural way of repairing their bodies.

Dayton Medical Center is a clinic that has been practicing holistic and alternative medicines from around the world since 1973. Every patient that walks in their door, no matter what their ailment may be, is treated as though they require the best kind of care. Since every individual’s body reacts differently to treatment it is important to know that person inside and out, and at Dayton Medical that’s exactly what they strive to do. The clinic prides themselves in knowing that they are doing their best for each and every patient they come into contact with by using a combination of both conventional and holistic medicine to get the greatest results they can. When coming to see these Miami doctors, patients are eager to start their plan to a better lifestyle, and excited to try the different treatments including Neural Therapy, Alternative Medicine, and Natural Remedies.

Neural Therapy Miami is a German practice that is mostly used in South America and Europe. This practice is based on the theory that pain disorders are caused by a trauma that can effect tissue, like scars. Doctors will use anesthetics like Procaine or Novocaine and inject them into the skin to stop the pain, resulting in more normal body function with limited or no pain.

Miami Alternative Medicine is another attribute to many patients experiencing a better quality of life. Alternative medicine uses things like infrared, vibration, and ozone therapies to treat different problems that may arise in patients. Infrared therapy is used to heat up the skin and tissue allowing circulation to increase and has been thought to speed up metabolic rate, resulting in fat loss. There are numerous amounts of different ailments that are treated with infrared therapy, cancer being one of them. Vibration therapy is a great way to increase circulation and bone health. Patients presenting with osteoporosis are able to see an increase in bone density over time with vibration therapy. This technique is also used as an alternative for an exercise regimen. When a patient is unable to complete a normal workout, vibration therapy is used to replace that, and is able to increase the intake of oxygen. Ozone therapy, whether internally or externally, is used to detox the body of different toxins that may be causing a decline in the patient’s health. With a simple method of cleansing or infusing ozone in or onto the body, the patient is able to see an increase in their health because of the ozone’s cleansing effect. These are only a few of the alternative procedures that are offered at this holistic practice and have proven to show great strides in making patient’s quality of life improve.

Different remedies are being implemented all around the world because of the great effects they have without the side effects that could occur with prescription drugs. Patients are loving the fact that they can just replace the things that their bodies are no longer producing after just taking some blood tests. Some Natural Remedies are herbal, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and mind-body therapies. With simple testing patients are able to be told what natural supplements they can take to replenish what their body is not doing. The same can be done with hormone imbalances both for men and women. Mind-body therapies are ones that connect with the concept that the mind can play a major role on the function of the body. Patients are given multiple tests and try a range of different perception treatments to create a well mind-body connection to help them deal with the stresses of every day life that can eventually break down the body physically.

With all the different treatment options offered and with technological advances in medicine, the holistic treatment of a patient’s health is becoming a lot more promising than some may have thought before. Holistic medicine is great way to stop adverse reactions to prescription medications and rid the body of unwanted toxins, resulting in overall great health and improved quality of life.

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