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Neurofeedback refers to a type of biofeedback that involves the use brain waves to enhance brain function by teaching the brain to self-regulate. The therapy utilizes a reward system of music, game or a movie. When the brain functions in the correct pattern, a reward is given. However, if the brain deviates from that pattern, the reward is immediately stopped. This way, the brain learns what it needs to do in order to stay in the reward state. Neurofeedback was first experimented in the early 1920s by Hans Berger. However, it only gained popularity in the 60s when a Chicago University professor, Joe Kimiya did some experiments on the same and published a report in Psychology Today. In the following years, up to the 21st century, many authors wrote about it thus increasing its awareness. In the recent years, it has been the most sought for form of electroencephalogram.

Other Popular Therapies

No matter what condition or illness you are suffering from, there is a therapy that could help in treating you. Some of the popular therapies include;
• Platelet rich plasma prp therapy
Platelet rich plasma therapy refers to the administration of injections of platelet rich plasma to an injured or broken part of the body. The aim of this therapy is to speed up the healing process.

• Chelation therapy
Chelation therapy is also a very popular therapy. It is used in the removal of heavy metals from the body. In as much as the therapy is advantageous, people should be aware of its negatives. Some of the chelation therapy side effects include nausea, fever, diarrhea and even vomiting.

• Glutathione
During this therapy, glutathione is administered intravenously to act as antioxidant. Some of the benefits of glutathione include the treatment of diabetes and liver and heart diseases.


Whether you are looking its physical, mental or spiritual wellness that is being sought, there is always a therapy to help with it. Additionally, there so many benefits to reap in opting to use this treatments either as an alternative or as a complimentary to western medicine. Therefore, your options for treatment should not only be limited to western medicines and surgeries. Gather information on the various treatments available and have an opinion on how you get treated. After all, some of these therapies have even been backed-up scientifically as to be very effective and with little side effects.

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