Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Neurofeedback is one of the most effective forms of biofeedback. It is used in training the brain to function properly. This treatment has been effective in the treatment of ADHD. This treatment utilizes a reward system in order to train the brain to self-regulate. The brain activity is measures using electrodes that are placed on the head. To encourage a correct frequency of brain patterns, one is rewarded using a movie, game or music. If the pattern is wrong, then the reward is stopped. This is done so as to encourage diminishing of such frequencies. Also, it helps the brain learn what needs to be done in order to be rewarded. This treatment is mostly used as a standalone in holistic medicine Miami centers. In other integrative medicine centers, the treatment is commonly used to complement other conventional treatments.

Advantages of Biofeedback

• Non-invasive
Biofeedback is an invasive treatment for the central nervous system issues. It does not utilize any drugs or surgeries. For this reason, it is very effective in the treatment of children, the elderly or persons who have low intolerances to drugs.

• No Side Effects
With biofeedback, you will not encounter any side effects. As no chemicals are involves, there no chances that individuals will react to this treatment. With this treatment, you do not have to worry about allergies.

• Effectiveness
Neurofeedback is considered to be very effective. Within a short period of regular sessions of this treatment, significant improvement is seen. Additionally, it does not require for any efforts in order for it work. No supplements, or something else to enhance it is required. Finally, the results achieved by this treatment last long. This is unlike conventional medicine techniques.


Biofeedback is one of the most common alternative medicine Miami used in the treatment of a range of illnesses and disorders. This treatment can help in the treatment of migraines, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Other biofeedback techniques that work just like Neurofeedback include electromyography and thermal biofeedback. Thermal biofeedback measures the skin temperature in order to assess the physical health of one. It is mostly used to measure stress and anxiety level and hence finding a way to control it. Electromyography on the other hand measures muscle tension. It helps to detect abnormalities through measure of the skeletal muscle electrical activity. This technique is used to detect a number of conditions including muscle and nerve disorders.

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