Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback. The therapy is aimed at train self-regulation to the brain, therefore, it improves the functioning of the brain. The therapy utilizes a reward system. This means that if the brain functions in the correct pattern, it is rewarded in the form of music, a movie or a game. On the other hand, if the brain deviates from the correct pattern, the reward immediately stops. This way, the brain is able to learn what it needs to do in order to continue getting the reward. Self-regulation of the brain is important in improving the central nervous system functioning. This therapy is mostly used in the treatment of Attention Deficiency Hyperactive Disorder. Also, the therapy is used in the treatment of bipolar disorders, brain injury and other brain conditions.

Other Therapies

Neurofeedback is not the only available therapy that can aid in the treatment of illnesses or disorders. There are many other modern, alternative and complimentary treatments that can be used to help with the various conditions and illnesses we suffer from. This include;

• Nutritional therapies
These are therapies aimed at treating nutrition deficiencies in the body. These therapies act as antioxidants. Milk thistle is the best example of such therapies. Some of the milk thistle seed benefits include boosting immunity. Also, it helps in the treatment of bladder, liver and heart diseases and diabetes.

• Platelet rich plasma
Platelet rich plasma therapy is a therapy that involves the administration of platelet rich plasma prp injections. This therapy is aimed at speeding up healing of any musculoskeletal injuries.

• Chelation therapy
Chelation therapy is another therapy that is meant to get rid of heavy metals in the body. It is effective in the treatment of lead poisoning. However, chelation therapy also has its side effects. Some of the chelation therapy side effects include nausea, vomiting and fever.


Neurofeedback has many advantages. The therapy is non-invasive in nature, that is, no drugs or surgery is incorporated in the therapy. In addition to this, the therapy is very safe. This means that the therapy has no known side effects. The treatment is also very effective in the treatment of brain conditions or psychiatric disorders. That is why it is preferred for the treatment of children and the elderly whose bodies may not be capable of handling treatments that are invasive and also people who are not willing to work with psychiatrists.

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