Sunday, September 20, 2020

It’s unfortunate, but the world of medicine has been segregated into three distinct philosophic camps. The first is that group of doctors, hospitals and patients who believe the best approach to fighting the most common diseases and conditions is through commercial, institutional means. This entails an avarice incorporating the latest and most extravagant modern and pharmaceutical tools.

Chemical and synthetic medical treatments often overlook efficacy in exchange for distribution percentages and market saturation. This creates an environment where patients have access to medicines and treatments that work exceptionally well on paper, but don’t necessarily integrate well with human health as a whole.

The second group are those doctors and patients who only rely on treatments which are derived from earth-bound elements and naturally evident physiologic interactions. This approach borders on religious fervour and superstition, and is dangerous in some extreme cases. What results is a group of patients that miss out on treatments derived from sources and methods other than what Mother Nature herself has lain out. Unnecessary mortality rates and long, drawn-out therapies are the result of this medical approach.

The third group of medical practitioners combine the best alternative medicine Miami methods and controls from all aspects of medicine into an holistic, individualized approach to treatment. Nothing in medicine is 100%, but strict adherence to one side of the healing debate or the other, statistically under-performs against practitioners and patients willing to treat diseases according to the needs of the whole person.

The Dayton Medical Clinic is a Florida-based treatment facility that always incorporates treatments for disease and health problems in a way that is most beneficial for the individual, not always through what is prescribed by medical companies, common practice or governmental bodies. Since 1973, this alternative medicine Miami treatment center has integrated modern and ancient methods of preserving life in their operational programs and methods.

Dayton Medical Center Miami doctors are not interested in forcing patients into a heated debate about which treatment method is better for humanity as a whole. They are interested in saving lives and increasing the quality of life for individuals using whichever method is most appropriate. This includes modern methods, as well as, natural and exotic protocols proven to be effective before the advent of modern medicine and commerce.

Natural medicine is an approach which puts the body and human spirit ahead of the status quo. It seeks to diagnose and treat individuals according to their needs rather than a standard template set forth by the medical community.

Often, this approach uncovers healing methods used by cultures from exotic locations around the world, and therapies that only incorporate non-pharmaceutical elements as the best treatments for diseases affecting modern patients. Dayton Medical Center is staffed with medical practitioners who are fully aware of alternative methods of treatment for disease. These methods can include an eclectic spectrum ranging from acupuncture and aroma therapies, to intravenous introduction of minerals and vitamins for certain cancer battles.

The natural medicine methods prescribed and monitored by the professionals at Dayton Medical Center are grounded in centuries of success. These cures and therapies have been systematically eliminated from western medicine because of the economic influence of pharmaceutical companies from a fear of losing profits in spite of the accessibility of natural cures.

Dayton Medical Clinic, with headquarters in Miami, Florida wants to reintroduce patients in the American medical system to natural medical treatments which are proven to be effective in fighting many modern health concerns. These concerns range from digestive problems to the preservation of youthful physical prowess and performance.

Dayton Medical is the place to learn what natural medicine and healing is all about. Before undergoing modern medical regimens, be sure to explore natural methods from these Miami doctors who keep the whole person in mind and the absolutely possible dreams for a vital life!

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