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Dr. Martin Dayton has been practicing medicine since 1970. He has two doctorate degrees, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O) from Still University’s Kirksville college of Osteopathic Medicine and a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) from Ross University. He also studied electrical acupuncture at the Ryodoraku Institute of North America. He’s licensed in Florida as both a physician and a surgeon and is currently certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians.

Today, Dr. Dayton works in family practice, where he strives to provide families with more options, by incorporating a variety of natural remedies into his practice, including homeopathy and other alternative medical practices that complement modern medicine.

Homeopathic Remedies and other Natural Remedies

Homeopathy is based on the medical philosophy that the body is able to heal itself. To make homeopathic remedies work, Dr. Martin Dayton would use non-toxic substances that mimic an illness to begin healing. This process can be used to treat allergies, arthritis and heart disease, among other ailments. Essentially, the substance initiates the healing process in the body and encourages its natural energies, leading to healing.

Many natural healing remedies use plants and herbs to prevent and treat illness in a non-invasive manner. It can also refer to other methods of complementary medicine, such as designed to treat the whole body and not merely the illness, which restores both health and balance. This can be used alongside conventional method to provide more complete care and fully restore patients’ health.meditation, yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy. Typically, these therapies are

Services Provided by Dr. Martin Dayton

Dr. Martin Dayton has 40 years of experience practicing both conventional and alternative medicine. He typically provides outpatient services, although he can also perform surgery in a hospital. The practice provides a combination of services on the basis that one form of medical assistance may not be sufficient to treat certain ailments, but using multiple forms could provide a more comprehensive form of healing.

Recently, Dr. Dayton was one of 15 doctors interviewed for a book about defeating cancer. In it, he and other doctors reveal techniques for preventing cancer, ineffective cancer treatments, the role of medical politics in reducing the access to effective cancer treatments and methods for healing the body both during and after cancer treatments. The doctor uses a combination of heavy metal chelation therapy and homeopathy to treat the disease, which borrows from western medicine’s idea of destroying what doesn’t belong in the body and eastern medicine’s idea of restoring balance.

That balance between western and eastern medicine sums up what he does – using multiple forms of medicine and ideas about medicine to provide the best possible outcome for patients. Some of the other services provided by Dr. Dayton and his colleagues at the Dayton Medical Center include:
-Forms of alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine
-Conventional medical care
-Integrative medicine, which combines conventional medicine, such as antiobiotics and other healing practices to strengthen the immune system
-Holistic medicine, which considers the whole person and the relationship between different parts of the body
-Injection therapy, which involves injecting patients with nutrients or medicines as necessary
-Chelation, which removes heavy metal toxins from the body
Prolotherapy, a method for reconstructing ligaments without surgery, which reduces musculoskeletal pain
-Neural therapy, which involves removing short circuits from the body’s electrical system, leading to reduced pain

Alternative Medicine Miami
In addition to the previously-mentioned therapies, many other treatment types are also available in Miami. Some of these alternative medicine Miami treatments include laser therapy, infrared therapy and vibration therapy.

Vibration therapy builds up muscles and bones, while laser therapy is directed to the skin, reducing inflammation or birth marks by directing protons at the affected areas.

Other therapies are meant for detoxification. Infrared therapy warms the body’s tissue, which allows it to replenish nutrients and get rid of toxins, which can help in the fights against cancer and obesity. Through the Ozone Sauna, ozonated water penetrates the skin without needles to detoxify the body. Ozone insufflations are a type of ozone gas that enters the body through the vagina, rectum or bladder to detoxify and restore the immune system.

Individuals in need of energy could partake of Energetic Wanding or Exercising with Oxygen (EWOT). Energetic wanding involves waving a wand near the patient, while EWOT uses oxygen while patients exercise to promote feelings of well-being and increase their stamina, which leads to higher amounts of energy.

Other alternative therapies in Miami include:
-Nutrition Therapy
-Infrared Sound Therapy
-Herbal Therapy
-Pharmaceutical Therapy
-Asyra Therapy

Using alternative medicine can enhance patient’s overall health and open doors to treatments that aren’t otherwise available. Dr. Dayton offers the opportunity for patients to experience a wider choice of medical options, which can be both more cost effective and lead to more effective treatment, so they can enjoy better health.

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