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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that has been enhanced with platelets. It contains several distinct growth elements that accelerate the settling of bone and muscles.

The use of the PRP, a fragment of the patient’s enriched own blood, can promote healing of various muscle and bone problems. Some controlled clinical trials have evaluated its safety and efficiency and confirm that PRP is a good choice for the management of joint, ligament, muscle and tendon impairments.

Advantages of Using PRP

People who are active through sports or other activities often suffer from lingering pain due to muscle injuries. They can get a relief from plasma rich platelet injection by utilizing their own blood platelets to restore the injured muscle. PRP will alleviate the pain and quicken the progression of healing as well.

PRP is applied to various medical areas such as dentistry, cosmetic surgery, sports medicine and pain management. It has been examined and used as a clinical means of several types of medical usages like bone repair and regeneration, cardiac muscle injury, tendinitis, nerve injury, oral surgery, osteoarthritis and plastic surgery.

There are many reasons why using PRP is recommended:

• It is a safe, effective and non-surgical remedy to encourage the natural healing process of the human body.
• Since PRP will use the patient’s own blood, it is a more natural and safe treatment with no risk of other unwanted reactions. It is very convenient for the patient, with his own blood always available for his treatment.
• The patient will only experience a slight discomfort and the procedure takes a very limited time. Preparation time for PRP re-injection is easy and quick.
• Depending on the injury and the area to be treated, the cost of PRP is not prohibitive. The PRP therapy can be done in a clinic environment which entails a lesser cost.

Methods of PRP Preparation

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is done in less than an hour. The patient’s blood is drawn and collected in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma. It is then injected into the injured part of the muscle with the aid of an ultrasound device.

Patients are put on rest and physical therapy and regularly evaluated for improvement. Some patients with major injuries may need more than one injection, and most patients report going back to their normal lives within 3 months.

The plasma rich platelet therapy is definitely the ideal treatment for improving the healing of damaged soft tissues, enhancing bone restoration and shortening the healing period.

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