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Across North America both alternative media and mainstream media are reporting positive findings concerning integrative therapies as complementary to conventional medicine. Sources such as headline Vitamin D slashes risk of cancer; permanent posture change is the key to freedom from chronic pain; the mineral selenium proves to be a powerful anti-cancer medicine. Choices in Complementary Medicine include general wellness, aromatherapy, mental health therapy massage and sports injury Medicine to name a few. The integrative medicine centers are reported to be increasing in popularity throughout North America, and some traditional hospitals are embracing more natural means of treatment that leave little dubiety as to potential effectiveness.

Additional Steps

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine are two distinct treatment protocols but share principles of holistic Medicine in common.

  • Alternative Medicine has found meditation to be effective in decreasing stress.
  • Alternative Medicine uses herbals in treating several conditions where the side effects from pharmaceuticals may warrant caution and concern.
  • Complementary Medicine has means for treating diabetes and obesity, respectively.
  • Lab studies show herbals contain natural ingredients that are found in the body and can be restorative when utilized.
  • Complementary Medicine offers dietary measures to aid in the slowing of disease progression in adults and children. A diet plan high in vegetables, fruits, grains and protein has been recommended by some western physicians and most eastern physicians for some time.

Common Denominators

Recently, there has been a trend to prescribe what is called nature therapy for promoting general wellness. Regular short walks can be regenerative, restorative and reduce stress. Natural therapies can aid in reducing both chronic fatigue and post-cancer fatigue. Author Carol Sorgen, writing in webMD, suggests natural therapies treat high blood pressure and diabetes. Complementary Medicine initially has found chemotherapy for colon cancer may be enhanced with the use of Chinese Medicine herbals. Additionally, acupuncture has aided many recovery protocols post-surgical procedure. Studies indicate biofeedback along with some longstanding medications can both effect treatment of ADHD. Children diagnosed with various cancers are often aided with Art Therapy.

Dr. Andrew Weil of The Center for Integrative Medicine based in Arizona supports moving away from the biomedical model; hereafter enhance clinical effectiveness by considering lifestyle, mind-body approach along with nutrition and spirituality which would augment conventional talk therapy cures. Complementary, Sports injury therapy is often used in patients recovering from post-surgical procedures.

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