Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Myers Cocktail is an alternative treatment used to treat an array of medical conditions. Baltimore physician Dr. John Myers developed the cocktail. An intravenous concoction consist of magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, and various B vitamins. Many medical professionals question as to its effectiveness. Many medical professionals question its safety. Milk thistle is another one form of natural alternative therapy that traditional medical practitioners criticize. This is because of the side effects of milk thistle such as diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, gas, and bloating. Prolonged use of milk thistle could have result in many issues because of the side effects it produces. However, those individuals who experience positive results from it believe that the benefits well outweigh the side effects. It is effective in treating cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes.

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Introducing ozone to the body is another form of alternative healing therapy. Various methods are used to administer it. It can be mixed with gases or liquids and injecting it into the body. The treatment is given either subcutaneously or intravenously. It can also be inserted into the rectum, vaginal area, or intramuscular. The main benefit of ozone therapy is that it increases oxygen within the body. It also helps to deactivate viral particles outside of the body. Ozone therapy benefits result in a number of diseases including:
• Cancer
• Heart Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Alzheimer’s Disease

The Use of Neurofeedback Therapy for ADHD

Neurofeedback therapy for ADHD is a healthy non-prescription drug alternative form of treatment for ADHD. Unlike, prescription medication, there are no harmful side effects with neurofeedback. Neurofeedback uses brain exercises to help reduce impulsive behavior, increase focus ability, and productivity, and increase attentiveness. Unlike medication, it does not wear off after so many hours. Neurofeedback has long-term effectiveness. It is in essence a form of behavior modification and training. Patients learn to control their impulsive behavior. Fewer outbursts also occur as a result. In addition, patients become more attentive and they have an easier time focusing on tasks, especially school studies. They become much more productive. Their grades begin to improve, as well. They are also less aggressive towards other people, especially those who are in authority over them such as parents or teachers. Therefore, despite criticism by the medical community, neurofeedback therapy is an effective form of alternative treatment for adhd.

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