Thursday, October 1, 2020

The best way to understand what makes a Myers Cocktail infusion so potent and effective is to learn what they are made out of. The core essential ingredients for the cocktail include, B complex, B 12, Selenium, B 5, Vitamin C, Calcium, B 6 and finally, Magnesium.

Ingredients Breakdown

Of course just listing these ingredients off one by one doesn’t really tell us much about the cocktail. So now let us dive into each of the individual ingredients and find out what they do. Vitamin B complex is a combination off all of the soluble vitamins, save for Vitamin C. It includes, B 1, B 2, B 3, B 4, B 5, B 6 and B 12 and is very useful in a wide array of health related events. It offers many benefits in regards to a wide array of health complications, such as:

  • Sores and cuts
  • A treatment for alcohol withdrawl
  • A anxiety suppressent
  • Treatment for premenstrual syndrome
  • Osteoporosis

B 12 is desperately required for the body’s continued and healthy nerve functions. It is water soluble and reacts with folic acid and B 6 vitamins to keep the body’s risk of stroke and heart disease at very low levels.

Selenium (derived from the Greek for Moon) is a mineral that is rare in nature and quite toxic in high quantities. However, it is essential for long term health and can be found in cereals and other foods. It’s most common application is to treat cholesterol related disorders. Vitamin B 5, also known as Panothenic acid, is typically used as a dietary supplement with a very low risk of adverse effects, no common side effects are know for B 5.

Vitamin C is used in a wide array of treatments such as cancer prevention treatments and cardiovascular disease treatment and is essential to the bodies production of collagen. Calcium is needed, as you were doubtless told in school, to grow healthy bones and also for the maintenance of the teeth and fingernails. Magnesium is essential for all cells in the human body and B 6 is of course, contained within B 12.

Side effects

The risk of side effects due to consumption of the cocktail are exceedingly slight but some may include a tingling, heated sensation. Slight drops in blood pressure and general dizziness are also one of the more common symptoms. These are the only notable Myers cocktail side effects, however there is always a risk of infection due to the IV injection itself.

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