Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Myers cocktail is an intro venous concoction that is known to boost the body’s immune system, reduce fatigue, control allergic reactions and decrease symptoms of patients suffering from Fibromyalgia and Asthma. The name is derived from the late John Myers who created the cocktail back in the 1960s from Maryland. He treated many of his patients with the infusion and after his death, the cocktail was widely marketed by Alan Gaby, the President of the American Holistic Medical Association and an author on nutritional facts.

The infusion is given intravenously to bypass the digestive system, this way the nutrients directly reach the body cells via the blood stream. The infusion procedure normally takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on several factors. Myers cocktail usually contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • B12 and B6
  • Magnesium and Calcium
  • Glycerol
  • Dexpanthenol

Why are the ingredients essential?

The Vitamin C has an anti-viral effect when in high concentrations making it essential in the treatment of acute viral infections that mostly affect the respiratory system. It also plays a key role in treating allergies by destroying histamine. This ingredient leads to the production of hydrogen peroxide, which destroys cancerous cells.
Vitamin B is vital for body detoxification and provision of cellular energy. They are also used to help in adrenal hormone production and a common genetic defect.
Magnesium promotes the relaxation of the smooth muscles found near blood vessels and airways. This mineral is therefore significant in treating Asthma attacks. This ingredient is responsible for energy production and recent studies show that it treats heart failures.

Patients suffering from diseases like asthma, cancer, fibromyalgia, viral infections and allergies can receive the treatment.

Side effects

A typical patient using Myers infusion will notice an increase in energy, alertness, reduced depression and anxiety, and quick recovery. Athletes also receive this treatment for rejuvenation and fast healing.

The most common side effect is heat sensation, which normally occurs when you receive high doses. The magnesium found in the infusion acts as a vasodilator. This in turn leads to the production of reduction in blood pressure causing dizziness and fainting.

This form of treatment has been used many naturopathic doctors who believe that it is safe and effective. If you suffer from some of the illnesses listed above then you should try out the infusion. Other forms of therapy include stem cells for knees to reduce chronic pain, Vitamin C IV and glutathione therapy.

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