Friday, September 18, 2020

The Myers Cocktail was named after its biggest contributor, John Myers. This cocktail is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Taking this specific cocktail has shown results for several different conditions, and proven that taking certain intravenous treatments has beneficial results. The nutrients created for intravenous treatment create a potent level serum that cannot be achieved by other means of administration. A great example of this is the antiviral properties of Vitamin C. Normally when taken, either in pill or drink form, this vitamin has proven to help boost the immune response. By way of intravenous administration this level goes up and helps to boost the power of that vitamin.

What’s in it?

The Myers Cocktail ingredients are actually pretty well known vitamins. The biggest contributor to the cocktail is Magnesium. Magnesium has shown to help relax the skeletal muscles and blood vessels. What this means is that it helps reduce muscle spasms. This is achieved intravenously only, and this is because the IV nutrition takes the vitamins and injects them right into the cells. The body may be lacking in these ingredients at the cellular level, and the only way to achieve the optimum levels is to inject them into the cells. What this means is that the nutrients may be present outside the cells, but if the cell does not absorb those nutrients properly then its ability to function correctly is compromised, causing health problems.

What Can it Help?

There are many reasons to take the cocktail intravenously. It helps inject the needed nutrients directly into the cells. What conditions does it actually help though? Anyone can use this cocktail, even if just a mood boost is needed. The vitamins and minerals in this injection have helped those with muscle spasms, hormonal imbalances, asthma, chronic fatigue, migraine or tension headaches, chronic pain, depression, and whole bundle of other conditions. The body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals everyday, but it happens that not everyone can achieve the perfect levels needed and become deficient. That’s not a problem if you take the cocktail weekly, bi-weekly, or even just monthly. It will help boost your cells into the levels they need to function correctly.

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