Friday, September 18, 2020

The IV therapy known as Myers cocktail is a therapy famous for helping conditions such as fatigue, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, asthma, and even a famous treatment to help cure nasty symptoms of overindulgence in alcohol. This treatment was invented by a doctor named John Myers, who implemented this treatment with his patients twice a week to treat certain ailments. After his passing, a doctor named Alan Grady continued these treatments, naming them after Dr. Myers. As with any treatment, Myers cocktail has some side effects to be aware of. The treatment is a fusion of natural vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and B-12. It’s a lot like Vitamin IV therapy.

Side Effects May Include…

The known side effects of the Myers cocktail can be as minor as hot flashes – a momentary feeling of being hot all over your body. This is quite common when certain vitamins and minerals are administered through an IV. An odd taste, or perhaps a metallic taste may occur, another result of the vitamins being introduced into the bloodstream. Ancient herbal medicine has been introducing vitamins to patients for years. Other, less minor side effects can also occur. Which is why the patient should be monitored to note any serious side effects. While the less minor side effects are serious, it’s unlikely they can signify any real danger to the patient. Even so, they are symptoms every patient and practitioner should be aware of in advance.

If you feel:

  • Light headed
  • Faint
  • Or Hot for longer than a few seconds

Be sure to consult your doctor. There may be a problem with the speed of the drip, or the positioning of the needle. Your doctor will fix the problem right away.

Benefits of Myers Cocktail Infusion

Because the side effects can be treated immediately, and usually prevented, the Myers cocktail infusion is worth it. The benefits are just too good to ignore. Side effects are nothing to worry about, as we all take our chances with side effects for even things like headache medicine and cough syrup. Surely you’ve heard the joke, “Cures your cough, but you might die.” In regard to documented side effects that come with most pharmaceutical prescription drugs. Always ask your doctor if a new treatment, such as the Myers cocktail IV is right for you. Only your doctor can determine, based on your health history, if Myers cocktail can be beneficial to you. Contact your local center of integrative medicine for more information.

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