Friday, September 25, 2020

Sometimes our bodies can seriously lack in nutrients, and at times, it’s critical we get those nutrients quickly. Nutritional IVs are made up of certain nutrients, depending on what the patient needs. Nutrients flow through the IV and into the patient’s cells where they help these cells detoxify and regenerate. Vitamin B IVs create enzymes which help fight illness, while Vitamin C is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and mandatory tissues to heal – much like stem cell injections knee. Magnesium is another example. IV chelation is one type of nutritional IV, as well as vitamin C IV, and others, including a mixture of nutrients in IV form, identified as “Myers Cocktail”.

Myers Cocktail – The Basics

Myers Cocktail has a simple concept. The idea is that many people with illnesses that are associated with digestive complications cannot properly absorb the nutrients they require to restore their health. This nutritional mixture, when administered, promotes blood flow and boosts the immune system. It is especially helpful for any patients suffering from chronic pain and chronic illness.

As explained, Myers Cocktail is a nutritional IV supplement injected into the patient’s veins. The mixture supplement contains Magnesium, Vitamin C, B complex, and finally Calcium.  This is quite the holistic cocktail, as it contains nutrients which are needed to prevent ailments and illnesses.

Myers Cocktail can help with conditions such as:

Why It Matters

This particular nutritional mixture is so useful in treating serious illnesses because of its powerful medicinal properties that encourage healing within the body. It has been used in to assist cancer patients in their journey of recovery, as well as preventative measures against cancer. It has been known to relieve depression, combat drug and alcohol addictions as well as sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and even eases those with anxiety and panic disorders. The energy Myers Cocktail produces, and the restorative properties give a feeling of vibrant health and recover, and its sedative nature eases anxiety and other mental illnesses.

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