Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Myers cocktail is known to have numerous health benefits. It can greatly enhance your overall health. It has the ability to increase the quality of your immune system, relieve symptoms of Asthma and Fibromyalgia, and it may even relieve fatigue. This is used for numerous conditions. These are only a sample of the many ways that the Meyers Cocktail can enhance your health.

The Late John Meyers, M.D.

The Late John Meyers, M.D. had used intravenous injections of nutrients as a method to treat his patients. This is where the name came from. Doctor Myers is from Marylyn. He is the inventor of this mixture of nutrients. The nutrients that are in this mixture include the following:

This is considered to be an alternative medicine and treatment. It is used to treat a large and broad range of various conditions.

The Energy Boost

The patients that receive a Myers Cocktail will claim to obtain an energy boost. This may be due to the fact that the nutrients will actually kick-start the cells within a body in order to produce energy in a more efficient manner. The method of injecting nutrients intravenously allows for the digestion process to be bypassed. The nutrients then go directly into the bloodstream. This is where there is an energy boost achieved and experienced by the patients who receive these injections.

The Alternative Treatment

The Myers Cocktail is one of many alternative and holistic treatments. This would include neurofeedback therapy for adhd and stem cell injection therapy. The meaning of alternative medicine or treatment can be defined as a method for treating or healing a disease that may not necessarily be a common way that is taught in medical schools in the United States. This can also be viewed as a holistic method that would include spirituality and nutrients. This would also incorporate and include ozone therapy in this alternative treatment category. The benefits of ozone therapy is to increase the level of oxygen to the entire body by the introduction of ozone into the body. There are more and more individuals who are seeking alternative and holistic treatments in this current time. It is continuing to rise in popularity. There are billions of dollars spent on research options for alternative treatment options.

Effective Options

The Meyers Cocktail and many of the other available alternative treatments have been known to be highly effective options for many individuals. These methods may be rising in popularity due to the fact that they seem to be an effective treatment option that really do offer enhanced health.

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