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Myer’s cocktail is a form of holistic treatment that entails the intravenous administration of the cocktail in order to treat illnesses and disorders. Myers cocktail was first discovered by John Meyers, a Baltimore physician. The cocktail is thus named after this physician. When Myers died, he did not leave any publications for his work. After his death, his patients continued to see Alan R Gaby, MD to get this treatment. Alan has since been one of the greatest pioneers for this holistic therapy. The therapy has since been used in the administration of vitamins and minerals to patients who are unable to ingest the orally. Additionally, it is also used in the treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Some of the illnesses treated by Myer’s cocktail include asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and anxiety, sinusitis, colds and allergies.

Other Holistic Therapies

There are many benefits to reap from holistic treatments. They are not only to be used in treating an illness when it occurs. Rather, they can be used to improve the wellbeing of a person. Other holistic therapies include;
• Glutathione therapy
Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant. It is contained in every cell of every human being. When administered intravenously, it is very effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Also, it is used in the treatment of diabetes, liver diseases, asthma, alcoholism, cataracts and chronic fatigue syndrome.

• Vitamin c therapy
This is also a vitamin iv therapy. It is mostly administered to suppress a vitamin c deficiency in the body. However, if administered intravenously in high doses, it is used for the treatment of cancer.

• Ozone therapy
Ozone therapy is an oxidative therapy. Here, ozone is intravenously administered to catalyze the production of oxygen in the body.

Other Holistic Treatments

Many holistic therapies existed before Myer’s cocktail, and many more will continue to be developed so as to improve the quality of life. These holistic treatments aim in treating the whole being rather than just one illness. They believe in treating the person rather than the illness. For this reason, the treatments utilize substances that will not cause more harm to the body. For this reason, they are used in lowering the side effects of other treatments. For example, Myer’s cocktail along with chelation treatments in order to suppress its side effects and acupuncture used with stem cell therapies to relieve pain.

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