Sunday, September 27, 2020

Myers Cocktail, named after it’s creator, Dr. John Myers, is a high vitamin compound designed specifically to improve overall health and be taken through intravenous measures. The modern day formulation of the cocktail was slightly revised by Dr. Myers’ successor, Dr. Alan Gaby.

Ingredients and Usage

Myers cocktail ingredients consist of 1 ml of B-complex, 1.5 ml of B 12, 200 mcg of Selenium, 250 mg of B 5, 5 g. of Vitamin C, 100 mg of Calcium, 100 mg of vitamin B 6 and lastly 2 grams of Magnesium. This combination of ingredients, when taken regularly and as part of a total health regime, has been shown to successfully treat a wide array of common yet debilitating conditions such as:

The cocktail should be taken intravenously due to the fact that when nutrients are absorbed into the body from a ingested source your body’s intestinal fact only a fraction of those nutrients are actually put to use. However, when these same nutrients are put into the blood stream the body absorbs them more directly, meaning that more of the things your body needs will actually be put to good use.

The compound should be taken once per week every month, no more or less unless your doctor suggests otherwise due to a more severely compromised digestive tract. After several months of taking the compound every week the dosage will likely be lessened to only twice per month and from there to only once per month. Eventually it is often phased out all together once the integrity of one’s digestive tract is fixed.

Consultation about the Myers Treatment

If you are a individual that believes that the Myers treatment would fit in well to your health regime then you should consult your doctor to first get a second opinion. If your doctor agrees that the cocktail treatment would be beneficial to your treatment then you should do research and find out the best place in Miami to receive your treatment.

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