Saturday, September 26, 2020

There are many significant health benefits attributed to the Meyer’s Cocktail. The Meyer’s Cocktail is a mix of vitamins and minerals given intravenously which can help significantly with health problems such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and depression. Many patients report instant energy and a warm, healthy flush upon completion of their Meyer’s Cocktail treatment.

The Meyer’s Cocktail was not developed by a Dr. Meyer, though he did work on the prototype before his death in the 1980’s. Instead, it was created by Dr. Alan Gaby after he took over Dr. Meyer’s clients and wanted to provide them with the same helpful treatments they had already been receiving. He tweaked the recipe slightly and named the new concoction after his predecessor, to honor the late Dr. Meyer.

What’s In This Miracle Fluid?

As is the case with other naturopathic remedies that aren’t commonly discussed, such as the benefits of milk thistle or intravenous ozone therapy, people wonder what the heck is in this fluid your putting in my body? The Meyer’s Cocktail consists of a standard, easily duplicated set of ingredients:

  • magnesium chloride
  • calcium gluconate
  • thiamine
  • vitamins B6,B12 and B complex, with vitamin C
  • dilute hydrochloric acid

This mixture has been researched and studied at Yale University and by many naturopathic Doctors for the past 30 years. Patients report increased feelings of well-being, increased energy, decreased pain, elimination of brain fog and always a good, safe result. Because of the magnesium component one has to have a stable blood pressure before utilizing this natural remedy. Many celebrities tout the benefits of the Meyer’s cocktail, which has been used to cure addiction symptoms and restore good health. It even helps hangovers, but don’t tell anyone that’s why you use it!

How Often Should I Have A Meyer’s Cocktail?

As with other intravenous treatments, such as plaquex for your heart and arteries, you need to be on a regular treatment plan. Some doctors will start you off with weekly treatments, and as your health stabilizes, you can continue once a month or bi-weekly. Let’s face it, we live in a toxin laden world and operate at a high stress level, day after day. Treating yourself to a Meyer’s Cocktail is like a tonic for the body. Meyer’s Cocktail will rejuvenate your body and soul, what could be better than that?

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