Sunday, September 20, 2020

Moxibustion is found in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a technique where moxa wool is used to promote good health and healing by energizing the blood and activating the Qi or the flow of energy. It is made from the mugwort herb and is burned. It has been used many years in folk medicine and also helps stimulate the menstrual flow.

The mugwort herb has acrid and bitter properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While the mugwort herb is being burned it has warming properties that can drive any coldness out of the body. The acrid and bitter properties of the herb can relieve any stagnation, correct the flow of Qi and blood, and can clear phlegm.

Direct and indirect

This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique can be practiced either direct or indirect.

  • The direct method involves using a small portion of moxa that is burned on an acupuncture surface area. Moxa can remain on the area until it has completely burned or it can also be put out before any area of the skin is burned.
  • The indirect method is more popular. During this method, one end of a moxa stick is burned and then held very close to the surface of the body that is being treated.
  • Acupuncture is another Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses fine needles. Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion uses a needle that is put into the acupuncture point and then the other end of the needle is wrapped with moxa by the practitioner. Moxa that is ignited is able to deliver heat via the needle into the acupuncture point.

Dispelling Cold and Dampness

This technique is used to dispel cold and dampness within the body. It warms the pathways of energy also called meridians and acts to create better flowing Qi and blood circulation. It is recommended for people who have stagnation in their bodies like a flu, cold, digestive ailments, and painful menstruation.

Some people are worried about the burning part of this technique when they are considering trying this therapy. This technique is safe if a skilled and qualified practitioner performs it. There are no licensing requirements to practice this technique in the United States. However, practitioners are required to have a license to perform acupuncture to be able to perform the moxa technique.

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