Thursday, October 1, 2020

If you embrace natural or Holistic healing versus traditional healing or Western medicine you will find out that there are many different branches included in natural healing techniques. Many of these natural healing techniques stemmed back centuries ago within the realm Chinese medical history. Some methods established long ago to help people eliminate or at lease decrease, the signs and symptoms of disease and illness. Three of these therapies include, but are certainly not limited to Chelation TherapyInsulin Potentiation TherapyLymphatic Drainage, and Moxibustion. This word ties into the word Mokusa, meaning burning herb, which was first used over 1,000-years ago. Moxibustion Therapy works with acupuncture and herbs. You have pressure points within your body in which acupuncture uses to eliminate pain and suffering from certain illnesses. When acupuncture fails to eliminate or at least decrease some afflictions, then Moxibustion Therapy is tried. This therapy uses heat that penetrates deep into the body’s pressure points, adding valuable energy and healing powers.

Indirect Moxibustion

The Moxa herb is wrapped into a long piece of paper and formed into a cigar shape. The end is lit and thus held about one inch from the part of the body that requires treatment, over a specific pressure point on or near the problem area. An example would be a swollen and inflamed knee caused by arthritis. This procedure causes a systemic effect in the problematic area. This Moxibustion therapy is good when used as a preventative treatment for problems such as arthritis. The methods as of treatment for Moxibustion comes from centuries of use and finds proven results as follows, for

Sometimes this method of treatment involves lighting the end of an acupuncture needle when placed in the body. The heat, thus travels down the needle and deep within the body’s tissue. You do not feel pain, however you feel an overwhelming sense of relaxation, improved energy and ease of the problem. Moxibustion is found by many people to be a pleasant experience. This indirect method is taught by practitioners so that you can do this at home and in the correct manner, reaping successful results.

Direct Moxa

This method of Moxibustion involves the use of a small amount of herb. This herb is rolled into paper to make a cigar shape. Since this treatment is applied directly to the skin, it can cause a burn; however, this is avoided when the practitioner applies a small amount of ointment to the problem area before applying the burning herb. Most times the practitioner will lay a piece of herb such as garlic or aconite onto the body part before applying the burning herb to avoid a skin burn. The therapeutic effects are found to be highly successful in relieving you of pain and suffering. Whether you use direct or indirect moxibustation techniques you and everyone who is willing to do so, must take control of their own health and wellness. Holistic practices offer little to no side effects like Western or Traditional medical practices and the success rate speaks for itself due the centuries of proven relief.

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