Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Have you ever considered the alternative to modern medicine? Find yourself looking towards your belief in God and knowing how he healed others with his touch. Then, researching spiritual healing may be for you. Medicine has and will continue to have side-effects that will affect us in different ways and yet, it is the most prominent choice we are aware of until alternative medicine such as spiritual healing was brought to light. The power of prayer can alleviate any situation including health issues. It is the power of positive thinking and the belief in a God that provides unconditional love that can heal.

Both modern and spiritual medicine have therapies that bring comfort and healing to those who acquire them. One, such therapy is iv chelation therapy. Need more to go on, well, here you go.

ICT benefits

This is another choice for multiple health issues such as heart surgery, high blood pressure, reduce the chance of losing a limb due to diabetes. You can sit in a recliner while relaxing with a good read, be hooked up to an IV which will alleviate the bloodstream of the toxins that have caused illness. The time frame can last between 1.5 to 3 hours and be administered one to three time per week.
Along with the above therapy, there is also low dose chemotherapy and lymphatic drainage benefits. Such choice is available and brings more than momentary relief.

Benefits Provided

Both of these methods allow individuals to achieve the same reward if they chose modern medicines ports of healing techniques.

  • Smaller doses over years
  • Lighter massage gives calmness to both patients and the nervous system
  • Low dose chemo can remove larger tumors
  • What comes in and goes out is equivalent

So, lowering the amount of chemo going into your body, having a slower and light touch massage, less invasive therapy that gives a different choice other than surgery along with prayers and a healing hand provides options that ensure health over illness, and strength vs. weakness. I say, “go forth and heal” and allow the medicine of positive thinking prevail.

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