Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Spiritual healing is the process of healing, transmitted directly or indirectly by divine forces, or in some cases, the soul, spirit, or ancestors. While sometimes found in Chinese traditional medicine, spiritual healing is more often found in other cultures, such as Native American and Ancient Egyptian. Ancient Chinese culture, and possibly many other ancient cultures, sometimes thought of this divine force as our life force – an energy that resides in every living creature. Spiritual healing is most often a guided practice, though it can still be an individual journey. Integrative medicine center offer some courses spiritual healing, or can outsource to a practitioner who does offer it. It all depends on which alternative medical center you visit.

Receive the Spirit to Achieve Healing

Many alternative doctors can agree that the healing of the mind and soul are equally as important as healing the body. A positive and healthy mind can help achieve health, but alone does not make a person healthy. Spirituality is also a part of our well being, and can be viewed in many different ways, but cannot be neglected. Our energy, our life force, or our soul, needs just as much maintenance as our body and mind. Neither aspect of this delicate balance can be neglected. Traumatic events of the past, that should be sorted out with counselling, can also harm spiritual health. Suppressed emotions have the same effect. In this way, it’s obvious how the mind and soul are connected, and turmoil in either area can lead to physical ailments.

Spiritual healing can include:

Self Healing

Often the best first step to healing spiritually or mentally, is to do so with guidance or a group. Afterwards, it’s important to maintain your mental and spiritual health on your own. Network with group-mates or reach out to a support group for added support on your journey. To be successful, build a healing routine you follow every day. Not just for your spirit, but for your mind and body. It’s important to remember that no one path is right for everyone. Everyone has a different path to spiritual freedom and bliss. Visit a healer once or twice a month for maintenance, and keep at it!

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