Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Exercising first thing in the morning isn’t exactly what everyone has in mind when they roll out of bed, but it can be extremely beneficial and successful to any weight loss program. Exercise in the morning boosts energy levels, which can give you enough energy to get through your day and even have a quick work out in the evening. Basically, morning exercise begets exercise. When you step into the world of better health, you think more along the lines of drinking more water, lowering cholesterol, or drinking green tea. You think more of alternative therapies such as PEMF therapyacupuncture, and ozone injection therapy. But did you ever think that rolling out of bed and onto that treadmill was the biggest step to personal fitness? I bet not!

The Facts

They say, that over 90% of people who exercise in the morning are regular exercisers. That’s because of the boost of energy it provides. Exercising in the morning also kick starts your metabolism – meaning you burn more calories all day, on days you exercised in the morning. Isn’t that inspiring? Morning exercise is also in the habit of regulating your appetite. That means you will be less likely to eat too much or too little. With a routine of exercise, it will be easier to wake up in the morning, as your body will start to prepare before you get up. Hormones will be regulated, and likely, blood pressure problems will start to decrease. Just be sure to drink enough water, and lower your salt intake as well.

What else morning exercise can do for you:

  • Starting the day with exercise can clear your mind and help keep stress away.
  • Exercise will regulate your heart rate and blood flow.
  • For the groggy folks, exercising in the morning adds a zip of energy to the whole day.

Why Exercise in the Morning?

Exercise, thanks to the hormones it releases, keeps your body awake for hours. This is why it’s harder to fall asleep and get that good, deep sleep, when you exercise in the night. So, if you exercise in the morning, by the time you go to sleep, you’ll be giving your body the deep sleep it needs and deserves. You don’t have to have an intense work out, but plan a physical exercise routine at least. A light jog, at least. Some great examples would be yoga, a brisk walk or jog, or maybe you are pumped enough to hit the gym. After a few days of this routine, your body will wake up on its own, ready to roll, and you will reap the benefit of energy in the day and deep sleep at night.

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