Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Refine your body, and invigorate your soul when you go in-depth with mind body medicine. With the many remedies, natural medicines and ancient techniques in the world today, one can be rest assured that everything you need for a healthy, pure body can be found with mind body medicine and the ideas that surround it.

To understand it, you need to understand what exactly “mind body medicine is.” It is a technique that focuses on certain interactions between the body and mind. It focuses on the way the body interacts emotionally, mentally, socially, and how different spiritual elements can directly affect you and your health.

These techniques have been scientifically evaluated and validated and have been shown to increase self awareness and care of one’s self. The vast majority of ancient healing methods, such as the widely practiced, “traditional” Chinese Medicine emphasizes the link between the body and mind. Typical “Western” medicine, take the exact opposite approach and think of the body and the mind as two separate entities.

In order to refine your mind body technique, you must “train” or teach your mind to focus only on the body. It must be done with no distractions. When a someone is in this state of highly focused concentration, they are able to upon their health and overall well being.

Some of the different techniques used in Mind Body Medicine are “Biofeedback”; where a person is monitored with some sort of monitoring device for ailments such as high blood pressure, or chronic headaches. These types of illnesses or ailments can be controlled and have been shown to be improved upon when the mind body techniques were applied.

Another type of technique is known as “Cognitive behavioral therapy”; this type of therapy is where a person who might for example have a certain type of phobia (such as being afraid of heights) and then expose themselves to that fear. Exposing themselves to this fear, helps the person realize or pin point the harmful thoughts they are having and change them. Exposure to the fear is usually administered by the therapist or some sort of guidance.

A very popular technique, widely practiced around the world, is the “Relaxation” technique. There are three different types of techniques that are more commonly used. They are autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation. Meditation and hypnosis are also widely used around the world today. Researchers have also shown that Spirituality play a huge role in the whole Mind Body Medicine theory. A study showed in cases of people who were infected by AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), and who had a strong faith in God or spirituality, and who had more compassion toward others, a sense of calmness or inner-peace, and who were religious, had a better chance at survival than those who did not have the same types of positive thoughts and religious beliefs.

The question still remains to some “If mind body medicine really works?” Recent studies have shown that, yes indeed, these practices do work. They have been shown to drastically increase health and help fight off disease. The commonly heard quote of “mind over matter,” couldn’t have been proven more true. In a study from the Stanford School of Medicine, back in 1989, showed that woman who were suffering from breast cancer that were given traditional medicine and treatment and extra moral support, by attending a support group, lived twice as long as the breast cancer patients who only had the traditional medicinal treatments.

When you are feeling all stressed out or have a raised heart beat, your body lets off these types of stress hormones that can affect your entire body, in and out! One example would be that if you are stressed because you’re feeling violent or hostile, or even anxiety can give you a disruption in your heart rate and your normal immune functions. Likewise, being depressed and having a distressed attitude has been shown to delay or impair the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

With all of this being said, you shouldn’t feel like you or your attitude are the causes of your illness. It is simply one of the many natural remedies one can use to elevate their path to a healthier body. Mind and body medicine is meant to help treat many illnesses and can be added to most health care regiments. If you are wondering if you should be doing any of these techniques, you can always and should ask your physician. When these techniques are implanted correctly, they have been shown to show a vast improvement in general well-being and emotional health. Any one person can benefit from that. You don’t need to be sick or suffering to practice any alternative medicine or the other, wonderful Mind and Body techniques.

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